An extension of the theory of analysis of the demand: the forms of exchange.

Valerio Ghezzi


The analysis of the demand, as theory of the technique of psychological intervention,  identified the possession and exchange as affective symbolic poly of the infinite and polysemic way of relationship between the individual and the context (Carli & Paniccia, 2002). A lot of literature has focused on the analysis and understanding of affective symbolization without product (neoemotions) as dysfunctional forms acted out by the individuals in relation to the context. Aim of this paper is to propose and formalize a theoretical and operational declination of the exchange construct, as a way of relationship with the context based on the reception and made possible by the processes of mutual social legitimacy among actors of the context. In our proposal, the reception(the most specific form of "manifesting" exchange) may develop in the relationship through a method based on the emotioned thought  (knowledge) or emotionally connoted acting out (communication). The knowledge can be articulated in two symbolic way even more special (consideration and comparison), as well as communication (sharing anddialogue).

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Rivista di Psicologia Clinica. Teoria e metodi dell'intervento

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