Reflections on the role of “Io pelle gruppale” with psoriatic patients: An experience of limited-time group psychotherapy

Antonella Demma, Erica Picano, Patrizio Sedona, Ivan Ambrosiano, Chiara Nicolini, Mara Maccarone


Psoriasis is a chronic and debilitating skin disease in which patient care should include not only the treatment of epidemic damaged area but also a psychological support. We analyzed the dynamics, evolution and outcomes of a small homogeneous, dynamic and relational group, for patients with psoriasis. For the study of developments in climate of the group, in management of emotions and in quality of life were used, respectively: the Group Climate Questionnaire (GCQ), the Emotional Regulation Questionnaire (ERQ) and the Quality of Life Index (DLQI). The sample of participants in group meetings, compared to control, reported an improvement in both quality of life and ability to express emotions. In addition, the analysis of group dynamics report, highlights the continuing meetings, an increase of cohesion and a decrease of' avoidance among group members, with the emergence of individual identity, including but not confined only to the condition of "sick".


group psychotherapy; psoriasis; effectiveness; emotions; quality of life.

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Rivista di Psicologia Clinica. Teoria e metodi dell'intervento

Rivista Telematica a Carattere Scientifico Registrazione presso il Tribunale civile di Roma (n.149/2006 del 17/03/2006)

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