Mental Illness: Reflections about the papers presented in the Special Issue of Rivista di Psicologia Clinica 1/2014

Roberto Vari



Reflections are presented about essay emerged in the work several scholars have producted for Special Issue of Rivista di Psicologia Clinica 1/2014 dedicated at mental illness. Concordance of many Authors is detectived around the critical at the approaches  basically based on individual, they are considered reductionist and ineffective. I am taken into consideration the different theoreical and operational methods exsposed in the papers; they provide, in the intervention for mental illness, the overcoming of the centering on individual. The analisys focuses on the most controversial topics present in the various proposals. The shift of focus of the intervention toward the relationship between individual and context occurs, sometimes, in the absence of a clear theorical model. In the intervention aimed to integration in the coexistence milieau of the mentally ill patient this limit involves the risk of a matt definition of psychological expertise, confonding it with a activities based on social and humanitarian efforts. The necessity to develop a tight correlation between praxis involving interventions on coexistence milieau and theoretical models that clarifies their sense.


mental illness; madness; individual/context relationship;integration; health mental centers

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