The construction of the services for persons with disability in Lithuania: Interview with Dana Migaliova

Felice Bisogni, Stefano Pirrotta, Silvia Policelli


The authors present an interview with Dana Migaliova president of Association of Lithuanian Welfare Societies of Person with Mental Disabilities -Viltis. Retracing the de-institutionalization process and the construction of territorial services for disability in Lithuania, the interviewee reflects on the development of the relationships between families, professionals and local politicians. In particular, Migaliova underlines the changing of the demands of the families during the time and the transition of the families from being actively involved in the construction of the services to consider the services as given and guaranteed by the state a priori. In this regard, it is critically read the role of the European Union and of the international foundations in promoting the development of the territorial services and the dissemination of the human rights' culture within the NGO movement. The paper end with some conclusive reflection on the opportunity to consider the families as clients of the services for disability to develop their quality and efficacy.


social services; assistance; disability; Lithuania; families; deinstitutionalization; social isolation

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