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Quaglia, Raffaella

  • No 2 (2012) - Conferences
    [Seminario della Scuola di Specializzazione in Psicoterapia Psicoanalitica di SPS] - Malattia Mentale: il mandato a occuparsene. Lo stato dell'arte dei servizi di salute mentale. Quali domande e quali interventi.
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  • No 1 (2012) - Conferences
    The traineeship in the ER: looking at the relationship between clients and structure. An intervention under construction in a context without tradition of psychological function.
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  • No 2 (2011) - Conferences
    [SPS seminar on identity - 18 June 2011] - Between the individual and the collective. What historical-cultural context for psychologists?
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  • No 2 (2011) - Experiences
    [SPS Conference on traineeship - 9 July 2010] - The psychological relationship with mentally ill patients in the residential and semi-residential facilities of the Department of Mental Health. Traineeship experience.
    Abstract  PDF (Italiano)  PDF