Symmetric Logic and “Homeric inn to Demeter” modernity: motherhood constellation and adolescent separation-individuation.

Pasquale Scarnera


Myths, being cultural productions representing a model of the society and for the society as well, were expressly modified by poets, philosophers (Radcliffe, 2004) or itinerantpriests (Torjussen, 2008). The constancy and adjustment in time and space were typical of the Greek religiosity and were partially induced by the lack of central organizations, sacred texts or doctrines to regulate religious affairs, thus, unlike Christianity it included the act of choosing in the religious field (Larson, 2007). Furthermore, the Greek polytheist paradigm was enclosing, namely welcoming and tolerating various divinities; on the contrary, the monotheist paradigm, which is excluding, cannot welcome divinities different from the worshipped one. Thus, the knowledge of the creation and transmission of cultural production can help us better understand the resilience of ancient religiosity.

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