Call for papers Special Issue of Rivista di Psicologia Clinica on “Towards a psychology integrating low-power social groups such as migrants, elders, women, children, people with a diagnosis of disability or mental disorder”

Rivista di Psicologia Clinica (Journal of Clinical Psychology) is concerned with the issues of social coexistence by proposing a clinical psychological perspective which is attentive to the relationship between the individual and the context. In the upcoming journal issue we would like to deal with social integration and principles organizing coexistence as well, from the opposition between expulsion and/or assimilation of diversities to something known on the one hand, and their recognition as strangeness to categorize and integrate on the other hand. This special issue is proposed in consideration of the spread of a defensively anomic and individualistic culture that, at least in the West, tends to deny the diversity, in turn increasing. Take the case of disability. Medicine enables many people with disabilities to become adults, as well as many adults to prolong their life, thus becoming disabled. Meanwhile, recent international recommendations declare attention to disability based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Disability goes beyond the medicalization of a disease to become a state that everyone can know firsthand, because the focus shifts from the individual disability to the barriers to participation in society, also considering symbolic dimensions such as prejudice and cultures of exclusion. In such definition of disability new issues emerge which deal with the respect for differences and the right to equal opportunities for those who have weak power such as migrants, elders, women, children, people with a diagnosis of disability or mental disorder. In other words, for all the groups at risk of exclusion. We would like to invite scholars from different countries and disciplines (psychology, anthropology, history, sociology, psychoanalysis, psychiatry) to confront the issue, in order to explore its several boundaries and different approaches by theoretical contributions, researches or intervention experiences. Contributions will be published in Rivista di Psicologia Clinica n. 2-2014, which will be released online in December 2014. Papers must be written in English or in Italian with English abstract. Citations and references should follow the APA style (6th edition). Please submit your article by 30 August 2014 through the online submission on the website. You are requested to register as author not only reader. A member of the editorial staff will contact you and will remain at your disposal for any further information.